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Hi Victor Thank you; I want you to know you are the only person I will receive attunements from. You are gifted and humble and inspiring. Also, you were dead on with my mother. She finally contacted me, and I feel much better. I know I always write a lot to you; I guess it's because I respect you so very much. all my thanks, Heather Heather

Hello Victor, I'm not sure if you will remember me. I received the blue dragon reiki attunement in early May. You were kind enough to speak at length with me, suggesting psalms to meditate on, and trying your new healing computer program on me. You were very patient and kind, and I found you to be the most sincere sage I have yet to meet. I am from Pennsylvania, same as you, in case this helps you place me. I told you after the attunement that I would post a positive review of my experience, and I apologize that I have not yet done so. The dragon breath attunement is AMAZING! Sometimes, I feel like the dragon symbol itself comes "alive" when I am using it. And the protective dome has finally enabled my young daughter and I to sleep peacefully at night. Thank you for bringing this to me! It is the strongest, purest and simplest energy to use that I have ever experienced. Thank you, Heather

Hi Victor, just wanted to share my first adventure in the Dragon City. When I go up into the blue tube, for me it looks just like the worm hole in Star Gate. When I got to the other side it even looked like the Star Gate at my back and a platform beneath me. The gate was still glowing that beautiful electric blue color behind me. Dragon City was all around me and a man dressed in glowing white was waiting. I could hear the dragons roaring all around but the black & white guard dragons were not standing there. I asked the man why they were not there and he said "we have been waiting for you!" I asked about making the statement for entrance and he said it isn't necessary. They have been waiting for me. I told him that for this journey I would like to make the statement. I did and the roar from a hundred dragons sounded like the most incredible choir I have ever heard. I cannot even describe the beauty of it. I could feel myself starting to fall asleep but I remember that they imprinted me with a red dragon and said that is the group I belong to. I told them I was actually hoping for blue as that is my favorite color. The man laughed and said all of the colors are combinations of each other. He held out his hand and upon it stood a perfectly formed red dragon. He held it up to the light and it's skin glowed and reflected just like a prism. It showed blue, green, yellow along with the red. Suddenly the man said something and the dragon began to transform into a shadow and it merged with me. The man said "that is enough for today." and then I found myself sliding back down that blue tube of light and back into my body. It was just so incredible and the joy that is felt being in the presence of the dragons is beyond all comprehension. Thank you so much for helping me to find this path. Blessings Lana

Thank You Victor: The DR does become more powerful at each use. MF

Hi Victor - I wanted to share my first Dragon Reiki experience with you. I felt drawn to sit outside under the moon last night. I began the Dragon Fire attunement/visualization and felt an immediate connection to the energy. Soon after this and some deep breathing I was able to make out a beautiful, intricate, celestial electric blue dragon. I could not speak to it but I felt that it was very Buddha like - completely kind, fiercely compassionate, inquisitive and looking to only do pure good. I experienced a number of coherent thoughts on the ultimate nature of reality/ascension (like the answers to questions that i had been struggling with for some time). It was a marvelous experience and I am able to still hold many of these thoughts. I feel like a part of me was reborn....I want to say thank you again for the attunement and all the kind assistance. You have given me a tool that has and will continue to improve my life. I know that I will be continuing in this system when the time is right. If you can suggest anything that might compliment this style or considerably increase my vibration please let me know. I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. that you might offer me. Humbly yours in light and love-TG

Hellow--Dragon Reiki is simply awesome. Nothing like it anywhere! Thank You-Nancy

Hi Victor, God bless you! I just wanted to thank you for the Dragon Reiki 1 on Sunday. Wow, was that great. I have been depressed the last month or so and that session really cleared it up. It was extremely powerful. It feels like now I have a blockage of energy in my chest so I am working on estimating/healing that. I just love the Dragon Reiki. AS soon as I can afford it I want to do levels 2 & 3. I downloaded all the files you mentioned and have been reading them. I would love to learn more about the dragons! your student, WS

I really like 2 aspects of Dragon Reiki, (actually I love it all - but these are special) 1. The emphasis on service. That is so missing in other systems and yet so important. The only reason to increase knowledge/levels of Reiki should be so that you can be of better service. That struck me so hard that from now on all my goals/needs are going to be done from this perspective. ie I need to get my passport so I can be of better service. etc etc. 2. the emphases on light and darkness. (The statement as you enter the temple.) Again overlooked by most Reiki systems. We are beings of light and darkness. Ironically, the way to become more light is to acknowledge our darkness. As I have been doing the circle of fire I find that my "darkness" is coming up. This is not pleasant, and the temptation is to push it away, but now I realize that it needs to come forth. Thank you so much for you wisdom and insight. blessings, Steve

Hi Victor, God bless you! Thank you for the session yesterday. It was extremely powerful!! W

Hi Victor, I am still exploring/learning Dragon Reiki 1 & 2. I am finding that it is taking me time to "integrate" Dragon Reiki 2. In one sense I feel like I am starting all over. That is not a bad thing, just part of the learning cycle. I am amazed at the depth of teaching/energy available. I can't wait to explore the time tunnel. As you know Usui Reiki has a symbol for healing the past & the future but the process you outline is so much more powerful. What a blessing! I have had some contact with the eye of the Dragon of Wisdom. I have sensed colors with my questions. Been very helpful. Again thank you for everything, especially all the hard work with the manuals. love, Joe's it going....wanted to thank you for the powerful Dragon Reiki session and the great trip to the Dragon Realms. I feel an energetic connection now to the Dragon and the energy. Also, I went out and purchased an inexpensive crystal pendulum (and book). It works great and I'm testing vitamins, etc. with it. My 9 year old son picked it up and started to use it immediately, he is really amazing with it. Thanks again and will be in touch..Blessings and Regards, Sal

Hellow-Thanks for the wonderful workshop. As usual, I seem to take a long time to pick up the attunements. But the energy feeling now when I visualize the mandala is very obvious in my crown. As you say, it is fantastic to be able to feel that superior presence even while writing or talking or driving !!! Much Light, Mike

Hi Victor, The attunements have been fine....on the first two, there were occasions where I really felt lighter , displaced and really floated off somewhere. But this last one while using the devic attunement template was just unreal. The first 2 attunements came to a halt at 25 and 30 min. But this one....Holy Toledo!!!! I buzzed, floated off dramatically, face got hot ears got real hot, my body started hummin and buzzing like I had a built in nuclear plant. I had all kinds of visuals...colors, images, light build ups...flashes while in and out of my body!! It just got more intense with a fluid type of continuity, when I finally felt like I had landed or returned it was an HOUR AND A HALF LATER!!!!!! I've had a lot of attunements before, but nothing that kept me out there like what I experienced today. I did use an attunement template on the 2nd attunement but did not experience anything like I felt today,,,,this was Soooo physical. I know that's what my angel team wanted for me so who am I to question the 1 1/2 hr thing....It was GREAT. Blessings to you, Pete

Hi Victor: I'm enjoying the Dragon Reiki Workshops that you have attuned me to. I am going to be working with the dragon workshop for the rest of my life trying to get everything down, its wonderful. I love the angel ceremony too. Love Sharon

Thank you so much for the powerful Dragon Reiki attunement. The journey I made after the attunement was magnificent, full of many adventures in different realms of existence. I also received answers to questions I had been asking myself. I use the dome attunement daily and feel completely safe when doing energy work with others. I attuned a woman to Kundalini Reiki and was surprised afterwards when she told me she had seen a dragon during the attunement! They are here and helping bring in the Love and Light. Looking forward to more work with you, Nydia

Hi Victor, it took a while but I finally got grounded. What a feeling, I became very calm, totally relaxed but acutely aware of everything around me. Right now I just feel better than I have in a long time and I know it will get better. Thank you for a great experience that will be ongoing. much light, Peter

HI Victor, Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for your time and patience last night. The Attunements were great and the way you explained the process made it SO much easier to visualise. I will definitely be back for more, you really ARE the REAL DEAL !!! JJJ Kindest regards and Blessings, Andy

Hi Victor, Thank you for that great attunement. Before I went to bed I did all the techniques and found that it is really very easy to do and works perfectly. I feel very comfortable and at home with the energies. I always preferred intense energy systems and some of the systems I received directly from the Keepers of the earth core are pretty strong. But Dragon Reiki is really special. I nearly continuously feel my crown chakra and have the feeling that I can keep the connection to the Dragon Breath permanently, it seems to be always there. Have a nice day! Wulf

Hi Victor, The energies are really wonderful. I have always looked for something like that; most other systems are too weak for my liking; this is exactly what suits me :-) I have started to work with the step-by-step techniques described in manual level 1. Of course it will take months to practice all these techniques that go from simple to more complex but it is great that I can already work with all the energies and the basic techniques. I am quite certain to follow up with level 3 very soon, then. Dragons (I am a Wood Dragon in chinese zodiac) like it fast and intense and go into depth over the time, as you know, of course. For the first time I have the feeling to do energy work in the intensity and speed that matches my real nature. Thanks again for that great system! And the energies harmonize perfectly with the Vril-related forces that I was introduced to some years ago by the Keepers of the earth core and which are the foundation of my own systems. I can feel the connection between earth core and the Dragon Breath. It seems to be facets of the same thing. It is great to be able to access these energies through different portals, so to speak. When I am in the earth core with the Keepers I can sense these forces all over and through the body. When working with Dragon Breath it is concentrated more to the brain and the crown chakra is particularly active. The universe is so multi-faceted and diverse - I really like that. Even though the core of my being is pure Nothingness and I see all these phenomena happening in my spacious No-Thing-Ness, that which is happeninng in it is really worth living for. Have a very nice day! Wulf

Hi, Thank you for the Dragon Reiki attunement today. I was left in unbelievable peacefulness and bliss. My crown chakra is still quite open and there is a serpent of light coiling or dancing in a spiral there, all the way to 2 feet above my head. To ground myself I did 45 minutes of kundalini yoga and took a long bath with healing oils. Wow, thank you, Clara

Hi, So grateful Victor and Has been wonderful to hear your joyful and powerful energy 's voice. I give honor and respect to this amazing Mystery School. I shall practice and dedicate myself to serve the light with honesty and humility. Thanks again and Ciao, Jay

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