Tai Chi Chuan or as it is commonly referred to as Tai Chi is a system of health, rejuvenation and martial art. It was developed around 1237 AD from principles of the I Ching and the Five Elements.

There are several different styles all of which should have the aim of harmonization of body, mind and spirit. The ultimate goal being to reach a state of Oneness with the Tao.

I was very fortunate to have trained privately for over two and a half years with Master Leo Su; learning the basics of two styles of Tai Chi known as Chen and Wu, subsequently learning Tai Chi sword and Yang from another Master.

Master Su was chosen by his village in China after an exhausting series of tests to determine which person would receive the one way ticket to New York.

The winner of this ticket had to be the one who was most proficient in many areas of accomplishment.

Landing in New York penniless and unable to speak English, Master Su was able to graduate from college here and subsequently attain his PhD. He exemplifies the wisdom and patience of the legendary Chinese Masters of old and it was a great honor to have been personally trained by him.

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