Galactic Ray

"Om Divine Peace, Divine Peace, Divine Peace

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

When you activate the Galactic Ray your entire mind, chakras and spirit pulsates to their original healthy divine vibration rate.

If you are reading this page; then you are probably on a path of spiritual development.

You are a free thinker (not conditioned by mass consciousness) who is choosing to explore other realities.

The Galactic Ray offers you very advanced energy Empowerments & techniques for your spiritual unfoldment!

The energies will strengthen your imagination and you will accomplish your goals!

The Galactic Ray Workshop Initiations will provide you wonderful energies to establish balance between your body, mind, soul and the divine.

You will receive 2 remarkable Empowerments, Plus 3 very advanced meditations with the goal of protection, health and ascension!

Galactic Ray-Practitioner-$95.00


You will receive the correct Galactic Ray manual via Email, all Empowerments, emailed certifcation and lifetime support.

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