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Etheric Acupuncture

Be Healed!

Treatments by: Victor Glanckopf

The concept governing acupuncture is that the body is its own small universe composed of interconnected systems which function in balance to maintain health.

The balance between yin and yang is looked at in relation to qi, blood, jing, the Five Elements, emotions and the soul.

Thus, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, illness reflects an imbalance of some kind and treatment is directed at correcting the imbalance rather than at treating the symptom.

We will detect any meridian or meridians (we need your full name and a picture) and will treat you remotely with Etheric Acupuncture.

Treatments usually last: 30 minutes to a hour for one week!

Remote Etheric Acupuncture Treatments-30-60 Minutes, For One Week-$75.00

Etheric Acupuncture (OVER THE TELEPHONE)- $65.00
Recommended-Email me for an appointment

Hi Victor Thanks for your healing its amazing. I already feel happier and more balanced, also I noticed that I sleep better not longer but deeper. which is great, really good. Many thanks and many blessings Peco

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