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Alarius Message

Extensive work done by Victor Glanckopf.

Alarius (Divine Wisdom) is an Ascended Master who works interdimensionally for the expressed benefit of humanity.

The Golden Ascended Master Alarius is presenting this gift of advanced Attunements to help anyone guided to receive these Attunements in their ascension process.

He is from a special group of Ascended Masters from the eighth dimension, whose bodies are golden bright and radiate an intense light. They are so evolved spiritually, that they are on the verge of entering the ninth dimension, in which they won't even have form anymore.

Alarius is in our Solar System, working closely together with the Great White Brotherhood and some Enlightened Teachers for the good of All mankind.

His goal is to bring us new spiritual technologies so we may live and become the life divine.

His intention is to assist the Planet Earth to go beyond the third dimension into the fifth dimension.

He has given us powerful Attunements and Initiations to help the expansion of our consciousness.

This Solar Technology will assist you to release limiting pictures of your reality.

This Workshop contains 12 practical Attunements that can be used to assist in transforming your picture of reality.

You willl also receive an Initiation to a special Mandala of Love.

These Attunements are life changing and are not offered anywhere else on this planet.

There is also a wonderful Initiation activated called the Golden Ray Of Alarius!

The Attunements in this Workshop are very dynamic so we suggest only advanced Adepts consider taking this Workshop.

Alarius promises to all sincere Adepts that this Workshop can provide the opening for soul expansion.

Alarius also promises an exaltation of your beingness so you will delight in your divinity!


You will receive the ALARIUS Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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